Pricing for Instructors and Coaches

We have several options available for instructors and coaches. 

Pricing for Instructors and Coaches

Options also available in Euros and SEK.

Free Coach Account

No cost option that works when a player has an active account.
$ 0
  • Free
  • See all the stats included in your player's plan


Access to advanced reporting features.
$ 99
per year
  • All features from the free plan
  • Advanced reporting features


Players add 5 rounds and receive a report
$ 99
Per Snapshot
  • Not a subscription
  • Get a quick player snapshot
"I listen to what the players tell me about their performance but I need the data Anova Golf provides to truly understand their performance and where we can make performance gains. "
Jon Tattersall
Jon Tattersall
PGA Teaching Professional

We help coaches

Create lessons based on On-course performance

Many times, there simply isn’t enough time to be able to watch your students play on the course, yet it’s the on-course performance that we are trying to improve. With Anova.Golf, you can easily view your students’ performance metrics and use this information to plan more efficient practice schedules for your students. 

Analyze and compare

We are ultimately judged by our on-course performance, and Anova enables you measure your students’ current performance levels, put them into context by comparing to an appropriate target performance level, and then view the development over time.

Bridge the performance Gap

With Anova you can supercharge your coaching by eliminating guesswork and making “getting better” a science. Easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and get your players to improve faster.


Anova.Golf helps you measure your students’ on-course performances, so that you can make better decisions about what to focus your lessons on.

Coach features

Create Custom Reports

Get the maximum amount of output despite only entering a minimum amount of shot information. Round entry takes as fast as 3 minutes with our iPhone app

Strokes Gained in 26 categories

Analyze your game with our powerful Strokes Gained analysis. It will tell you exactly in what category you are gaining or losing strokes in comparison to an average tour player, vital information you need in order to improve.

Personal Strokes Gained

Our innovative Personal Strokes Gained analysis gives you an immediate answer by comparing your recent rounds to that of your normal performance. What have I been doing better or worse recently? The PSG analysis gives you quick answers.

iPhone App

Access your Anova.Golf account on the go with our iPhone app! When using the app to add their rounds, our players report that they add their rounds 25% faster.


If you're looking to get a quick overview of your stats, our dashboard is the way to go. Although we measure over 500 variables, here you can grab a quick look at some of the most important key performance indicators.

See every shot your players hit

Anova gives you an incredibly detailed round summary of every shot hit, either by round type or in chronological order. It's the next best thing to being there and watching your players play in person.

Coach reviews

What our coaches say


ANOVA.GOLF has been used on many of the world's biggest tours, including:


Most frequent questions and answers

The basic version of Anova for coaches is free to use. You can connect to your students that have Anova accounts and see their data.

We have a 20% discount on our yearly plans that players can take advantage of. We also have group pricing available – please contact us for more information. 

Unfortunately not. Our coach and player accounts are separate, and in order to add rounds, you need to sign up for a player account. 

Yes! We’d be thrilled if you wanted to become an Anova Ambassador. Please use the link in the footer for ‘Become an Ambassador. 

There is no limit to how many students that can connect to your coach account. 

You can sign up for an Anova Coach account, which you can do just below. 

start using a data-driven approach to your golf game today.

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