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Round entry is super fast and can be done in 5 minutes using our app or website.

Anova iPhone app round entry.

Enter a round in 5 minutes.

Spend less time entering and more time analyzing.

The round entry process in Anova is smart and super fast. We only ask for minimal information from you and with it we can deduce over 700 different statistical variables. Use our app or website and add a round in less than 5 minutes. 

Faster than 'automatic' shot capture products

Many apps try to capture shots automatically using sensors, watches and other technology. However, the total time spent monitoring the tech is longer than the time it takes to enter a round into Anova. We believe that you should focus on performing at the utmost of your ability when on the course, and less on monitoring tech.

Anova.Golf has everything you need and more.

Don't believe us? Book a demo with Anova and find out yourself, free of charge. It’s time to start optimizing for on-course performance to take your game to the next level.

See why our customers love our features.

I use Anova with all of my students to help me get the information I need in order to be as effective a coach as possible. And whats great is that Anova shows that my students are improving at a faster rate!
Mitch Lowe
College Coach and PGA
Teaching Professional
I think the Strokes Gained analysis and the rest of the information Anova provides are amazing. My coach and I use them to better pinpoint the practice areas I should focus on to reach my goals faster.
Adam Bland
Professional Golfer
I'm loving how comprehensive Anova is. First of all the round entry is super easy, then you have hundreds of incredibly interesting pieces of information at your disposal about your own game. It is amazing!
Chris Alvarez
PGA Assistant Pro

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