Golf stats for answering detailed performance questions.

Anova is the most comprehensive golf stats provider available, providing 700 golf stats that you and your coach can use to improve faster. 

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"Anova.Golf has enabled me to work on the things that matter the most. Since it is so detailed, my coach is able to get a great understanding of my tournament rounds despite not always being there to watch live."
Adam Bland
European Tour Player

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700+ golf stats

Anova Golf is the most comprehensive golf stats platform around, providing over 700 different golf stats that you can use with your coach to get better faster. 

Analyze and compare Golf Stats

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your skill levels with the average tour player or a handicap group. Anova makes it easy to see the areas of your game where you excel and those that need improvement. Compare your current performance level with your target performance level. 

Bridge the performance Gap

Bridge the gap between your current skill level and your target skill level. Use the data from Anova to design highly efficient practice plans together with your coaches. When you have reached your target skill level, start this process over again for a truly supercharged data-driven improvement cycle.

Anova Golf is golf statistics software designed for golfers, coaches and teams wanting to use golf statistics to get an edge on the competition.

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Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your skill levels with the average tour player or a handicap group. Anova makes it easy to see the areas of your game where you excel and those that need improvement. Compare your current performance level with your target performance level. All in a beautiful Golf Stats App, available on the Apple app store. 


Anova.Golf helps you measure your on-course performance, so that you can make better decisions about what to focus on and get better faster. Don’t take our word for it. Sign up today and get a free 30-day trial. 

our features

Fast Round Entry

Get the maximum amount of output despite only entering a minimum amount of shot information. Round entry takes as fast as 3 minutes with our iPhone app

Strokes Gained in 26 categories

Analyze your game with our powerful Strokes Gained analysis. It will tell you exactly in what category you are gaining or losing strokes in comparison to an average tour player, vital information you need in order to improve.

Personal Strokes Gained

Our innovative Personal Strokes Gained analysis gives you an immediate answer by comparing your recent rounds to that of your normal performance. What have I been doing better or worse recently? The PSG analysis gives you quick answers.

iPhone App

Access your Anova.Golf account on the go with our iPhone app! When using the app to add their rounds, our players report that they add their rounds 25% faster.

Intuitive Dashboard

If you're looking to get a quick overview of your stats, our dashboard is the way to go. Although we measure over 500 variables, here you can grab a quick look at some of the most important key performance indicators.

Easy to use interface

Our data are organized according to shot type and categories, but you are also able to see them all at once.


How many holes have you gone without a 3-putt? Anova.Golf will keep track of this for you, along with 16 other interesting streaks.

20 Benchmarks

Analyze your game against other Anova.Golf users, or use any of our 20 other benchmarks to help you set an appropriate target performance level.

Get your coach involved

Easily connect your Anova.Golf account with your coach. Improvement at the highest level requires a very precise feedback loop, and Anova.Golf gives your coach shot-by-shot information about your rounds - the next best thing to being there and watching you play in person.


Anova.Golf generates over 500 different variables. This isn't to overwhelm you, but instead to give you the opportunity to really dig deep into your performance, and to find performance gaps that will help you take your game to the next level.


Our platform looks great on any device, so you can always access your Anova.Golf account, even if you're on the go.

Used on Tour

Anova.Golf has been used on many of the world's biggest tours, including the European Tour, Web.Com Tour, Asian Tour, PGA Tour of Australia, LPGA Tour, LET, and many more.

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Plans are also available on a monthly basis and in Euros and Swedish SEK. 

Tour Pro

The most comprehensive performance package available.
$ 24
Per Month Billed Annually
  • All 'Tour Pro' Features
  • 703 Statistical Variables
  • SG by distance and lie
  • Percent Error Index
  • Median Percent Error Index
  • Detailed missed putt line analysis
  • Detailed make percentage analysis
  • Attempts per shot category


For high-performing golfers who want to use data to get better faster.
$ 19
Per Month Billed Annually
  • All 'Starter' Features
  • 451 Statistical Variables
  • SG & PSG broken down in 26 categories
  • 20 Benchmarks
  • Detailed Performance and Round Summary Pages
  • Efficiency by distance and lie
  • Approach proximities by distance and lie
  • Missed putt line analysis
  • Make percentages filtered by break and slope


For golfers getting started with data analysis for golf.
$ 13
Per Month Billed Annually
  • iOS app
  • 71 Statistical Variables
  • Strokes Gained in 6 Categories
  • Personal Strokes Gained in 6 Categories


ANOVA.GOLF has been used on many of the world's biggest tours, including:


Most frequently asked questions... and answers

Yes! We offer a free 14-day trial to give you plenty of time to try out Anova.Golf and add your first rounds.

You may cancel your plans at any time, no hassle and no questions asked. Your credit card will not be charged on your next billing cycle and your subscription will not renew. Your account will remain active until the end of your billing period and then account access will be suspended.

Just pick your plan and walk through our simple registration process. We don’t require a credit card up front. After registration, our system will take you directly to your dashboard where you can see sample data of how things will look when you have added your own rounds to the database (you can turn this sample data off if you’d like). You can start adding your own rounds immediately to see your own golf stats! After the 14-day free trial is over, you’ll have to subscribe to one of our paid plans in order to continue using the application.

If you’re not satisfied with Anova.Golf, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no hassle and no questions asked.

Not unless you want to. We offer month-to-month plans where you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time, no hassle and no questions asked. Yearly plans are available for a discount if you commit to a longer time period.

You can change your plan at any time, and the changes will take effect at your next billing cycle. If you are upgrading your plan and want your plan change to take effect immediately, please contact us. Please note that downgrading your plan is only possible at your next billing cycle.

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