Mark Pearson

Mark has enabled thousands of golfers to reach their potential, coached Professionals who’ve won on all of Europe’s major tours and managed some of the UK’s most successful academies. Photo credit: Oulton Hall Academy.

Mark Pearson is a PGA Professional based in Leeds, United Kingdom. During the years, he has given over 30,000 lessons to players of all abilities, ranging from Tour Professionals to beginners, and he has also been called upon to present at various coaching conferences. Arguably his perhaps most appreciated sessions are his seven different ‘Performance Clinics’, where individuals or small groups can focus on areas such as ‘Putt to Win‘, ‘Top tee shot clinic‘ or ‘SOS Course Management‘. Below is a video highlighting some of these performance clinics.

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Mark recently wrote a post called: “Are you playing the better golf lottery“. He writes:

“So I guess one of the real skills of a coach is choosing the areas of a players game that need developing and which are most important at any one point in time? Particularly in this day and age of self help YouTube videos this is where we as coaches make the real difference!

Obviously good lines of communication between player and coach are vital to establish simple facts such as is a player is unhappy with his driving etc etc
That said you would be amazed how many people wander into my performance studio for the first time and when I say ‘What can I do for you?’. They say ‘I’m not sure really!’
Equally it’s incredible sometimes after watching a round from one of my Tour Players how different their version of events was compared to mine walking round behind the ropes. “

Mark writes: “A typical lesson in progress using Trackman and analyzing Anova Statistics”. Photo credit: PMG Academy.

Here is what Mark writes in his article:

My system of choice  at the moment is Anova Golf. It’s quick to enter, intuitive and gives an outstanding numbers of statistics. They do a free 30 day trial if any of you are interested click the link below for more details.

Mark is available for both in person lessons and online lessons. For more information about what Mark can do for your golf game, click here.

We are super happy to have Mark and his students on board. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions on how to use your Anova Stats or how to connect with Mark.