New Coach Reports Make It Easier To Find Information

We have been hard at work in the past few months to bring you updated reporting functionality, and we are super excited to share with you that those updates are now live! In a previous blog post here, we detailed the new updates for players. These particular updates are for coaches on the Anova for Teams plans or Premium plans. Here are the new updates:

  1. Stat Reports. These are reports where the players are on the horizontal axis, and the stats are stacked vertically. You can add as many stats as you want for these reports.

    Stat Report

    Stat Report

  2. Improved Rank Reports. We have improved this functionality and added drag-and-drop of columns so that you can get the exact order that you want.

    Drag and drop of columns

    Drag and drop of column

3. You can save filters, and subscribe to reports via email. This has the potential to save you lots of time as you can save your most commonly used filters, and set up subscriptions to them to arrive straight into your inbox.


We hope you like the new features and we are excited to hear your feedback!