It is possible to track strokes gained without using a dedicated stats platform, but it requires quite a bit of excel know-how as well as some research in regards to a comparison database.

As you can read more about in our detailed description of strokes gained below, in order to calculate strokes gained you need to know the expected scores from the comparison group from every distance and lie. Then you compare how you moved your ball from position A to position B with how an average player would move their ball from position A to position B, and you end up with a number. 0 means that you performed exactly on the same level as an average player in your peer group.

We would recommend using a dedicated platform such as Anova.Golf to track strokes gained. The reason is that the platform is designed to be easy to enter your shot information into, and then generate 26 different strokes gained values in addition to generating over 700+ total variables.

What you need in order to track strokes gained

It’s really simple: on each shot, you need to provide the platform with two data points on each shot: the distance to the hole and the lie. This is needed in order to deduce what the expect score is for the peer group from your distance and lie, and then we can see and calculate various strokes gained stats depending on how you are navigating your way around the course.

Entering the shot details into an app or a platform

How to track strokes gained

With the Anova iPhone app, you can quickly and easily enter these data points as you are playing, or when you have finished your round. You can of course enter your rounds using the web platform as well. When done, you get an amazing amount of detail, both in regards to strokes gained but also the other hundreds of statistical variables that we measure. More information about our round entry can be found here.

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