After our latest update, this is the total number of statistical variables that Anova.Golf is currently tracking. You might be asking yourself something like: “Do I really need this many stats?” – and it’s a good question which depends on what you are trying to achieve with your golf.

For the casual golfer, having 703 different stats would be overkill, and overwhelming. Where do I start, and what do they all mean? In our ‘Starter Package’ we have 71 different stats, including Strokes Gained and Personal Strokes Gained, and this is enough for someone getting started in trying to improve their golf games. Included in the 71 variables are traditional stats such as greens hit and fairways hit, and general Strokes Gained variables such as ‘Strokes Gained approach shots’.

But what if you have ambitions such as wanting to:

  • Become a scratch golfer
  • Earn a college scholarship
  • Turn professional
  • Qualify for a professional tour
  • Win a tournament
  • Qualify for the US Amateur, or for your club championship
  • Break through your current performance plateau
  • Make your practice more efficient
  • Reach your goals and dreams
  • ?

Getting better requires being uncomfortable. You’re constantly pushing yourself harder and harder, trying to improve by reaching outside of your comfort zone, into a place where you haven’t been before. It is scary, frustrating and sometimes it feels like you’re not making any progress at all. But it’s also incredibly rewarding when you finally make your breakthrough to your new ‘normal’ performance level, you are now a different golfer, a better version of you, because of all the hard work you did. And that is incredibly satisfying.

That kind of progress, where you are spending a lot of time and are serious about improving requires attention to detail and a good relationship with a good instructor. The feedback you get from the player/coach relationship is key to be able to increase your efficiency in your practice sessions and therefore getting better faster.

The analytics from Anova.Golf helps you and your coach have incredibly detailed discussions and enable you to answer detailed performance questions about your improvement. The software enables you to go deeper and deeper into the particular question you’re trying to answer, to ultimately finding the things you as a player can do that has the biggest possible leverage and impact on your on-course performance.

You can also read this article that deals with ‘supercharging your improvement cycle’ which is exactly what we are talking about here.

Ultimately we want to answer the question: What exactly can I do today that will make me reach my target performance level the fastest? And yes, in order to do this, you need to have detailed information about your golf game, and this is where the 703 different variables are super important as they all paint a picture to help you understand your golf game better, and enable you to make better decisions about your improvement.