This is the first post in our series detailing how high-performing players and coaches are using Anova to get better faster. In this blog post, we are introducing Nathan Leonhardt of Tour Development Academy in Richmond, BC, Canada. 

Tour Development Academy.

Elite Coaching.
Tour Standards.
Proven results.

Nathan Leonhardt, the founder of the Tour Development Academy, is a former tour player with 10 professional victories and 2 course records on his resume. Until a back injury put his own pro career on hold in 2015, he traveled the world playing professional golf tournaments. Now his focus is on elite coaching and he has made Anova into an integral part of measuring his players’ performances on the golf course. 

“At the Tour Development Academy, we use Anova all the time with our players.  If we weren’t using Anova and collecting all this amazing information, there’s no way that we could find these small areas of a player’s game that need improving to compete at the highest levels in the game.

The Tour Development academy offers in-person and online coaching. The online coaching is super easy: simply send a video of your swing or short game videos directly to Nathan, and he will get back with a thorough analysis with a step-by-step program for improvement. The combination of this work with Anova makes the Tour Development’s academy super efficient and it has the results to prove it. 

Nathan is also available for in-person lessons, as well as custom programs that can be tailored to fit each player’s personal preferences. 

TDA Technology

The Tour Development Academy utilizes the latest technology to leave no stone unturned in the quest to analyze and provide the best possible instruction for each and every players’ individual needs. 

To learn more about the Tour Development Academy and to see if it is a good fit for you, please feel free to contact Nathan directly by going to