It’s often very difficult to have an objective understanding of your tendencies on the course as we tend to get emotionally attached to our performances.

Using objective information is key in order to figure out the nuances of what is actually going on on the golf course.

A college coach reached out to us and said that their team had used this feature to identify a player that in round one had missed 100% putts on the low side. This wasn’t something that the player was aware of, on the contrary, the player thought something was off in the technical aspects of the putting stroke.

Putting Missed Line Summary

See where your putts normally miss (high or low?) in the putting summary in Anova.


After determining that the problem was a read issue (by conducting some ball start tests), the coach decided to walk the first nine holes of round 2 with the player, nudging the player to adjust the reads appropriately to re-calibrate the players’ feel for the greens.

This is an excellent example of how high performing players, coaches and teams use detailed performance metrics to enlighten them what is actually going on on the golf course, and enabling them to make calibrations and corrections what improves on-course performance.